Press Fitting 3D Prints

I have been expanding my 3D printer experience this past month and have done a number of press fit parts.  The general principle is to take a piece of hardware, measure it, and print a hole in that shape that ranges between that exact size, to less than 0.01″ smaller.  It depends on your printer performance.  Mine tends to undersize holes a touch, so printing the exact size of the hardware works well.

Once printed the hardware has to be pressed into place.  An arbor press would be perfect for this, but I don’t have one and am too cheap to buy one.  I used a C-clamp instead.  This video demonstrates a few uses of said clamp press.

Most of the parts were very specific to my needs and probably not worth uploading to thingiverse.  The only exception is the quick release plate for my tripod.  I didn’t see any online.  I need to come up with a version that captures a bolt while making it easy to use with your fingers.  That will take some thinking.