1-3 Days Before The Storm

Depending on the severity, the rubber is starting to hit the road.  People are panicking, there are runs at the stores, and work/school is being canceled.  Take a huge deep breath.  You did a lot of work before hand and that put you in a really good position now.  Do the last minute things you need to.  Put up all the shutters but a few in the main parts of the house.

Keep the laundry going.  Keep loading the freezer.

Coffee lovers might want to freeze some coffee now for an iced cup later.  Mighty refreshing!

If you are planning to evacuate, then do it early.  Plan to spend 2-4 times longer than it should take to get your destination and have anything you might need for the trip with you.

Fortune favors the prepared mind - Louis Pasteur

You did a lot of the work months or years ago, and you have been getting things ready all week.  Now is the time to help those around you.  It will help make better friends and take your mind off the worry.  Otherwise you would likely be sitting around watching TV and getting worked up.  Remember, not too much media!  Take care of yourself and you can take care of others.

Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting those around you 
- Every airplane I have ever been on

Right before the storm hits, put up the last shutters, fill up the water containers and a bath tub.  You can transfer water into the tank of your toilets to flush them.

The storm has arrived