I am always thinking about my next project.  Here is a list of what is upcoming soon (and sometimes not so soon) in my world of crafting.


  • Keep our bees alive!

House Remodeling

  • Kitchen (Winter of 2016)


  • Saw Sharpening
  • Organization
  • Plane restoration
  • Hand drill rebuild
  • Resume peppermill production for NEXT christmas


  • Keto friendly dinners and appetizers

CNC Mill

  • Brass inlay test article
  • Metal sign for grill
  • Woodburning add-on
  • Phone cradle
  • “Cooking” sign
  • Dot art
  • Game of Thrones house banner/plaques

Armor Smithing/Metal Work

  • Lower leg armor (maybe scaled leather)
  • Helmet redo

I feel the same way about my project wish list as I do about my reading list: When I don’t have any new desired books to read you can put me in the ground.  Never stop, always curious.

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