Ikea Picture Rescue

Our new living room deserves a really epic picture for above the couch.  We went to ikea to get a copy of their giant wave poster, but they were out.  Not deterred we checked the as-is section.  Ta-da, there was an assembled copy of exactly what we wanted.  The only problem was the fact that it is over 4 feet wide and 6 feet long assembled and had a tear out on the one side.  I figured out we could disassemble it, cut down the frame, and re-assemble with the blemish cropped.  After some negotiations we got it for half price.  Here she is.


And here is the blemish.  The scale is hard to tell, but the circle is about the diameter of a quarter, and there are some stains around it.


The frame is simple extruded aluminum with plastic corners.  The canvas wraps around the frame and is held in place with plastic wedges.  A hack saw took a quick 5 inches off the width, and we were ready to re-assemble.


Once put together I trimmed up the excess from the right side and installed it on the wall.  The picture added a lot of character without making the room feel any darker.



Always check the as-is section of ikea!  A few minutes of work got us an otherwise out of stock item for half price.