Moustache Wax (Part 2)

After my first round of moustache wax creation I had a lot of testing ahead of me.  Some batches were way too thin, and some had odd smells.  The table below is my conclusion from round 1.


For starters I am going to nix the shea butter, but keep the cocoa butter.  The shea smells kind of funny to me and makes the wax very soft.  The cocoa smells good, though it is hard to tell if has any other beneficial effects.  The vanilla did not mix well or add anything.  Even the best batch had too little hold in my opinion, so the next round is going to need more bees wax for stiffness.  Take number 4 and increase wax!

In addition to playing with the amount of bees wax I decided to try petroleum jelly as an alternative to the cocoanut oil.  Many of the recipes I read about used it. Here is the list of things I will try in round 2.


I used the same procedure as last time, measure out ingredients with a scale, then combine in a small double boiler using a glass measuring cup as the inner pot.  It makes pouring easier!  Everything went well, and my new pile of candidates look great!

DSC_0102 DSC_0103

I have lived with these for about two weeks now.  My main conclusion is that the petroleum jelly isn’t as good as cocoanut oil.  It doesn’t spread or hold as well.  Right now I am leaning heavily towards number 7.  8 might have slightly better hold, but is much harder to work in.  9 is way too hard.  I may try mixing 7 and 8 to see what an in-between looks like.  Til then I have ordered containers and more wax to make a big batch for the long haul.