Applesauce and Apple Butter 2015

I had some family in town so I figured why not put them to work!  Apples were at a great price locally, so I picked up 30 pounds of a mix of gala, pink lady, braeburn, macintosh, and honeycrisps.


My process for making applesauce and butter is documented in previous posts.


One big difference from last year’s efforts was my new crock pot.  I bought a bigger fancier one at a black Friday sale last year and hadn’t done apple butter in it till now.  It is a quart or two larger than my last and the settings seem to be a lot hotter than my old crock pot.  The apple butter was easily cooked down by the next day and a fairly full pot yielded a little over 13 half-pint jars.  My canner can only hold 13, so all is right with the world.


The 30ish pounds of apples gave me 9 pints of sauce and 13 half-pints of butter.  In reality I could probably fill another jar of each, but those are the limits of my canner.  The remainder always goes in the fridge and gets eaten in short order.