Ukulele Restoration

I came into a few well loved and used ukuleles by chance.  This kala is my favorite by far.  It is very similar to one I had looked at new in a sam ash.  This kala is a slightly different style and is even more gorgeous!  It has obviously seen a lot of play time.



The fretboard looks almost black near the top frets, while you can actually see the rosewood at the lower frets.  Years of finger oils has given it a great color gradient.  Likewise on the back of the neck, the finish has been polished from satin to a high gloss near the top frets.


Unfortunately there was a pretty heavy level of grunge built up around the fret wire, and the nut fell off when I tried to change the strings.  A few dabs of titebond type 3 and a small spring clamp had the nut back on the road to happiness.


The cleaning was all done with a microfiber cloth.  I didn’t really want to clean off too much of the oils, and I don’t know what, if any, finishes were used on the fret board.  A good microfiber cloth is perfect for this.  Good at buffing, and non-abrasive.  All that green was from the frets being mildly corroded by salty body oil.


Once the glue had all dried and the body had been buffed clean, I was able to restring.  It looks and sounds gorgeous.  More images of the collection and recordings to follow!


2 thoughts on “Ukulele Restoration

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  2. I love the woods! My Dad would have been right there with you. His wood collection was incredible. One day, I should show you more of the larger canes we have of his, made of his famous crooked wood. Hope the buns have been behaving better. My sister Becky loved the baby gate idea with them, when I chatted with her yesterday. Love, Rosemary


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