Paracord Wrapping Jig

I went a little nuts and bought a 1000 foot spool of paracord.  I went from having no rope around the house to having more than I knew what to do with!  What to do with it was actually a bit of an issue.  The spool stores nicely, but isn’t immediately useful.  You have to pull out what you need, cut some off, and then burn the ends to keep it from fraying.

Enter the fast pull rope wrap.  It is a simple way to bundle up paracord into neat organized bunches that don’t get tangled, and they let you pull out a little or a lot as you needed.  The best way to make one is with a jig.  My jig has some neat and novel features you are sure to want if you have to make more than a few bundles at a time.  With it I was able to break my spool down into more reasonable sizes that could be sprinkled around to various locations that might need rope.

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