New Ukulele Collection

I mentioned in the previous post about a small collection of ukes that came my way.  After a little cleanup and a restring, they were ready to be accepted into the collective.  First though they needed straps.  I have found a strap to be very beneficial to my playing.  Changing chords goes much faster and more reliably without having to worry about the head dropping.


The button installation went quickly and smoothly when using the technique I laid out in my button install post.  I pulled together a hodge podge of straps.  They all work, but some are maybe not the best style for the instrument.  I will have to keep an eye out for fun and flashy straps to match each ukulele.


On the left is an acoustic-electric Cordoba, the middle is an eight string Lanikai, and on the right is the Kala I restored.  They are all tenors which is a bit bigger than the concerts I typically play.  The size upgrade is nice, and I think this might be my new standard size.

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