Chalk and Magnet Board

Chalk boards are big now.  Not sure why, I can’t stand chalk.  Chalk markers exist though, and those are pretty cool with me!  Our fridge is stainless and doesnt allow for the typical magnet and picture collection that I am used to.  I combined the new trend and my old fridge problem to make a magnetic chalk board.

I cut down a sheet of metal to 18in x 24in.  I picked up a spray can of chalkboard paint from valspar to give it the right surface.  The metal got a light sanding to rough things up, then a wipe down with alcohol to clean everything up.  1 coat of primer and a few coats of chalkboard paint and it looks like a disaster.

DSC_0007The spray chalkboard when on really patchy and irregular.  I tried sanding it a bit between coats to help even things out, but it isn’t going to happen.  I flipped the piece over, sanded cleaned, primed, and then switched to rolling on chalkboard paint from a can.

DSC_0006This looks much better, but it took 3 coats.  The first didnt appear to like the primer coat.  It had a crazed look to it after drying.  I just kept putting on coats until it had consistent coverage.  I took some decent looking walnut and made a frame.  No pictures of the progress, but it is a basic miter frame.  The metal plate fits in an inside groove.  After gluing it all up I used a lot of epoxy on the backside to keep the metal from bowing or rattling around when writing on it.  Tung oil is the finish.

The can of paint said to coat with chalk, then wipe off as a finishing move.  Once cleaned up I threw up some pictures and magnets and it looked perfect!


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