Sticky Paper Mite Control

I have read that sticky paper is a good method of tracking the mite population in your bee hive.  I bought a vented bottom board for partially this reason.  Great, lets go buy some cheap insect paper, tack it down to a board and leave it under the hive for a few days.


Well crap.  Bees are either attracted to this stuff, or just very exploratory.  It might have a sweet smell to attract things like fruit flies.  I got a lizard too, which is kind of impressive.  Poor girls, I feel horrible.  I need to either build a cage over it that they can’t get to or figure out how to get it under the hive in such a way that they can’t get in.  I will have to inspect my bottom board closely next time I am out.

Might as well look over it carefully for mites.  Do I have any amongst all these poor bees?  Yep.  Taking a picture through a magnifying glass is darn near impossible, but those two ovaly things are mites.  The good news is that in 2 days I only count a hand full of mites on the sticky paper.  So much for the sign keeping them out.


3 thoughts on “Sticky Paper Mite Control

  1. Dear Chase, sorry to hear that some of the ladies got stuck. Bless your dear departed ones! It is a neat thing though to keep things moving with your ideas and thoughts. That’s the creative part of it all…Monica had told us that you had to make more supers. No pun intended, but how super!! Ok, pun intended.

    My friend, Kate who’s the head of the religious ed program at church, has horses out in the Caloosa area, near the Pratt and Whitney campus out west and a bit north of us. She says that they ride on trails in back of most of the homes and a lot of them have hives going…so word is out there and good for us.

    Have a good weekend. Longer e-mail coming about the AK/Seattle trip as well as updates on Chris, my sister. Love, Rosemary


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