Lime and Orange-cello

My limoncello has been quite good.  It isn’t something you gulp or drink large quantities of, but a few ounces in the late evening or on a hot day is quite refreshing.  Though less popular it appears you can do the same thing with oranges and limes, so lets do that!

I didn’t quite use all of the oranges, but the limes got either peeled or zested and tossed into a quart jar.  I juiced the left over fruit and had some really awesome limey orange juice.

DSC_0064Next, I tossed in some multi-distilled vodka and left them to sit for a week.  It worked well last time, so why mess with success?

Both batches got filtered through a coffee filter into a 1L glass bottle with a sealable top.  Here is a picture of the two liquids with a shot of my limoncello between them.  Orange is on the left and lime is on the right.


I am kind of amazed that there isn’t a bigger difference.  They seemed so different in the jar, but that must have been mostly the rind.  I mixed up a batch of 2:1 simple syrup and filled both bottles up most of the way.  My goal was again to make it drinkable with a hint of sweetness, but not super syrupy.  Chilling and an upcoming dinner party will tell how I have done.


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