Saw Renovation Wrap-Up

I finished my last round of saw renovations, and have ended up with a serious collection of panel saws.  Some were dropped some where chopped, but most made it through in decent condition.


In all I did a major restoration on 3 sets of saws for a total of 9.  Some of the ones pictured above were purchased in pretty good shape, and didn’t need any serious restoration work.  Sanding all those saws was messy work and left my fingers stained black.  Luckily I put down a sheet of particle board to protect my bench.  I guess gloves are in order next time.  After 9 saws, the rust remover bath looks like used motor oil.

DSC_0105I like to think that after all the neglect these saws are happy to be back on the job and free of decades of rust.  Look, they have even taken up synchronized swimming!


The last set of saws came from a really cheap lot purchase.  Any buy from ebay can be a crap shoot.  It is hard to tell quality from the pictures and sellers rarely take a picture down the length of the saw blade to show bends.  Still, for 15 bucks for the three, I am willing to take my chances.

Unfortunately the top most saw, in the left hand picture, was beyond saving.  I couldn’t get past the heavy pitting and bends in the blade.  I disassembled it and will keep the parts for potential future repairs of other saws.  If I could find another medium sized backsaw or two and a good miter box/saw my collection would be complete… yeah right!

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