Illuminated Wall

The LED strip lights strike again!  The reason I originally bought strip lighting and used them on my mill lighting project was because I wanted to add lighting to a partial wall in my great room.

I started by running solid core wire down the inside of the wall, and tying into an existing switch.  The wire runs up and terminates into a single female receptacle (indicated in red in the picture below).  The 12V supply lives up there and will need a small cover at some point.  You can just see it peeking out on the left hand side.


With the wiring installed I just plugged in the 12V supply and started running strips down the length of the wall.  It went quickly, and aside from a pile of dust was easy.  The results are pretty good.

The picture was taken around dusk with very similar camera settings.  I adjusted exposure a little to help match what you actually see.  The after still looks a little bright.  It provides a nice mood lighting around the great room.  The only issue I have is that the CFLs in the living room are a lot warmer than the light.  I will probably slowly change out the other bulbs to match.

I love soft indirect lighting in my living spaces!

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