Added a Super

The hive is going like gang busters!  We had a weight increase of 4 pounds last week, and 5 pounds this week.  They are starting to pack away a lot of capped honey in the deep, and they are filling the outside two frames.  Time for a super!!!!  Look at that gorgeous growing hive.


In bad news I got stung a few times.  I didn’t have the smoker lit well at all, and managed to fumble getting the first frame out.  Oops!  From now on I need to make sure I always have the smoker going well before I crack open a hive.

For all the Florida heat and trials by sting I am still glad to have bees and look forward to seeing if they have done anything with the new super next week.  I updated the bee journal to include the new super weight as well.  I measured it empty so any weight reported is purely honey/bees/wax.  The empty super weighs 11Lb 12oz.


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