Orlando Maker Faire 2016

I haven’t been to the Orlando Maker Faire in years, and wow was I missing out.  I volunteered for Matrix Flare because a co-worker was running it and they were doing great things for kids.  We were giving away thousands of LED lantern kits and helping kids assemble them.  They are basically LED throwies, but stuck inside a little plastic cup instead of thrown with a magnet.  The assembly was super simple, but for young kids it was a great into to making.  This was our booth.


I wanted to take a picture or two showing all the kids making little LED lanterns, but we were swamped nearly the entire time.  For 8 hours I sat and helped kids from 3 to 63 assemble lanterns.  It was cool to watch the younger ones figure it out and have their own glowing lamp to take home.  For the brave we had a challenge of modifying the original lamp design to make it switchable.  Anyone that could would get one of a variety of 3D printed prizes.  We saw a lot of different solutions.

I eventually got some time to break away and check out the local displays.  Many of them were neat enough to warrant a short video.  Here was my collection.

Speaking of 3D Printers SeeMeCNC had one capable of prints a few feet in diameter, and 10+ feet tall.  The pikachu has a Jacob for scale, the angel was taller than he is.

One group was looking to build ISO containers that could print various materials.  I didn’t hear what the print dimensions were, but probably 6x6x15 feet or so.  Sounds like a neat job site tool to have around.


There was Star Wars a plenty.  Lots of storm troopers running around, a really good sand person, Lego symbols, and RC R2D2s.

Other movie props were represented with a few groups that did recreation and reinvision.  This guy had a time machine that could drive around.

I always liked steampunk and they had plenty of booths dedicated to showing off steampunk props, leatherwork, and the reinvisioning of super heroes.


Last but not least, check out these sweet wooden models!


Speaking of wood, Darryl from Dread Knot Woodshop was doing some turning demonstrations.  I should have taken pics or a video, but was practically running to see everything and get back to the booth for more lantern time.  Next year, take 2 days to volunteer and see everything slowly!

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