Hurricane Matthew Update

We had quite a storm pass through here recently.  Matthew was the highest wind hurricane I had ever dealt with, though not the biggest or most destructive.  Still, I am a home owner this time, so I have a lot of skin in the game.  The shutters went up, the yard was cleared, the bees were hunkered down, and we got out of dodge.


The base is quite heavy due to the paver and amount of wood.  I threw another paver on top and strapped around everything so the total pile was tied together was over 100 pounds.

Post Storm

We evacuated to stay with friends, and came back to a yard that was a mess, but happy looking bees, and an in tact house.



My fence repair from a few weeks back was perfectly timed.  No pickets were lost and the fence is still standing.  There is a new lean though.  Posts near the ones I repaired appear to be broken now.


Instead of removing any of the posts like I did last time, I just put new ones in next to the old ones.  It doesn’t looks as good and is a bit lazy, but was a ton less work.

I might be able to work those old posts off at some point, but for now they were too well connected to the horizontal portions of the fence.  While I was at it I replaced some of the gate hardware that was in bad shape, added more connecting straps, and some anti-sag cables.  The cables were past due, the two doors have rhombused a bit and rub at the tops when trying to close.  Oh well, it ought to buy me another few years.

wp-1477097752621.jpgIn all, we are past the hurricane without any major issues.  Now if they could just come by and get the piles of yard waste.



4 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew Update

  1. Good ideas on the fence! Yes, if the yard waste could be taken away, but I heard that they have had so much yard waste, they are trying to find places to take it? Kind of like snow removal! Take care, enjoy the maker’s faire! R


    • Current estimates are 30-40 days before it is all picked up. That is now 2 weeks after the storm. I heard they estimate it is 3 months worth of yard waste that happened overnight.


  2. So glad to hear your ok. I wrote your mom to check up on you and her but she never wrote back. Did she make it OK? you should do what Michael did with ours and make braces for them. I’ll send you a picture if you like. Take care and glad your both OK.


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