September 2016 Printer Wrap-Up

I have had my printer for a little over a month now, and boy have I been busy.  Something has come off the assembly line almost every day.  I got octoprint up and running within about a week of getting the printer, and it keeps a log.  I clocked in 325 hours of print time and over 450m of extruded filament.  Considering there were 720 hours last month, that is a lot of printing!

There was so much cool printing going on, that all I can do is hit the highlights.

Water Bottle Clips

I tend to carry water bottles around a lot at work and while doing stuff outside.  These clips help me keep water close at hand at all time.  Pretty blue custom clips.  Thingiverse link.

Flashlight Tail Stand

I have lots of cool tactical flashlights for warding off the darkness when our power decides to go out for the 2nd or 3rd time this month.  They have flat backs, but often don’t stand well on their tails.  Tail standing a good flashlight can provide great lighting to a whole room.  This print keeps them from being easily knocked over.  I will have to get glow in the dark material for next time.  Thingiverse link


Watch Ya Fingers20161001_090131

I felt this needed to be in my shop somewhere.  While it isn’t my design, the painting was my idea.  I painted the raised surfaces with a foam brush and some acrylic paints.  Two coats made it look really snazzy.





Name Tag

I am going to be volunteering at the upcoming orlando maker fair for a co-worker.  She has a lot of great activities for younger kids, and I thought such an event warranted a custom name tag.  The letters were pressed in using my c-clamp method as demonstrated in a previous post.  Magnets keep it safely secured to my shirt.

RTIC/YETI Mug Handle

I got a RTIC mug for cheap on a daily deal, and have been using it a lot.  It keeps ice for ages, and doesn’t sweat a drop.  The handles are expensive, so why not print one.  I had to make a two part version because the others available didn’t fit on my little bed.  A single 1/4-20 bolt of 1″ length along with a nut is needed to combine the two parts.  Thingiverse link


I was in the process of building an enclosure for my printer to add lighting and reduce the noise.  It was kind of a disaster for reasons I won’t get into.  A few things got designed specifically for that project.  I am not using them at the moment, but will find something for them later.  Thingiverse link to flat bracket and right angle bracket


I did a stress test on the right angle brackets by printing some at 20 and 80% and loading until failure.  Turns out, it was 66% stronger with the greater infill percentage.

Badge Holder

Last but not least I printed a nice pretty blue badge holder for work.  I wanted everyone to know how crafty I am as soon as they see me.  Thingiverse link


Everything Else

Honestly there are a ton of other things I printed.  Some designed by me, lots downloaded from others.  I can’t write up everything, so this is a pile of stuff I made this month that isn’t living elsewhere in the house, or hasn’t been given to someone yet.


My name is Chase, and I have a serious printer problem.

2 thoughts on “September 2016 Printer Wrap-Up

  1. Yes, you do have a printer addiction, but that stuff is seriously cool!! Can you print out some “American Standard” toilet parts??? JK —we had to order them, as no one has them around here!! Have a great week!! R


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