Hay Feeder Lid

It is all fun and games till someone has a tinkle in the hay bin.  The hay hopper I built for our new buns had an open top for filling.  Somebunny was taking advantage of this, and would sit in the hay bin while eating.  We were ok with this until the new babies started peeing in the hay pile.


Fine, if you are going to be a bad bunny, then we have to add a lid.  I would make a simple flat top, but I don’t want them using it as a launching platform for going over the fence.  So, start with a piece of wood, and angle smartly with your great grandfather’s number 3 plane.

Now add a magnet and strap hinge.


I screwed the hinge into the vertical fence support that the feeder is suspended on.  the magnet lets you open the lid and use both hands to load hay.  The sloped top seems to be keeping the buns at bay.  I have yet to see any of them try to get on top or into the bin.  Bad bunny behavior has been blocked!



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