New Gutter

My house has a small front porch who’s roof is an extension from the rest of the house.  During a good rain storm, which we get a lot of around here, it can produce quite a waterfall when coming into the house.  I had a free Sunday, so why not try to fix it?


It turns out gutter materials are pretty cheap.  I think this cost me under 50 dollars to do total, but I didn’t save the receipts, so that is a bit of a guess.  There are a variety of anchor systems for these gutters.  I went with these right angle brackets.  They will hold the gutter at an angle, which isn’t ideal, but they are easy to install one a time.  These made doing the project solo much easier.  All the other attachment methods require the entire gutter be in place as you attach with a single screw into the joist.


I set the right clip as high as it would go while still allowing clearance under the drip flashing, then used a level to give each successive clip a little down bubble.  It is hard to say exactly how much drop I gave it as the fascia isn’t level.  Either way it has a gentle slope towards the drain.  Now to rivet together the drain and gutter section.

Because no good project goes without a disaster, my old rivet gun had an accident.  The back end had loosened up and popped off right in the middle of my first rivet.  I recovered the internal parts and the spring.  After 20 minutes I gave up on the back end nut.


So, another unexpected trip to lowes later and I had it all riveted and glued together.  I was able to snake the drain section along the side of the support column instead of the front so it is less noticeable.



As usual it took more time and trips to the hardware store than I anticipated, but overall it was pretty easy and cheap.  Should have done it years ago!

Now for the real reason to add gutters it makes for a highly convenient christmas light hanging surface.


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