Bee Hive Base and Table

One step closer to getting the hive started.  In addition to the purchased parts I already have, I wanted to build a few things.  First is a base that will get the hive up off the ground to stay high and dry in our driving rains.  Step one, start with some assorted lumber.

DSC_0423Screw together vigorously with epoxy coated exterior screws.  Impact drivers help make stuff like this go quickly.  I love my dewalt!


The legs are probably overkill, but I wanted weight and stability.  A 20 inch paver forms the top.  That will not rot and should help keep the whole thing still.  The sides don’t look pressure treated next to the legs, but they are.  The total cost for this base with paver top is 15-20 dollars.  I threw some of the hive hardware on there to make sure it all sat right.  This is gonna be great!


To go with the base I made a working table.  I want a place to put tools and hold frames as I shuffle them around the hive.  The table’s construction is similar to the base but 36″ tall, and with support arms.

DSC_0428One set of arms is the right width to hold a few frames, and another set is notched for a tool tote.  I haven’t made the tool tote yet, but there appears to be enough equipment involved to justify building one in the future.  Next comes prepping the ground area and then BEEEEEEESSS!!!  Probably still a few weeks though.

No bee puns were harmed in the making of this blog post.  I can’t make any promises next time.

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