San Francisco Fun With GoPro

I took my GoPro with me on a business trip to San Francisco.  The conferences don’t get started till 10am, and I was still on east coast time.  That gave me a chance to experiment with time lapse.  The first one I recorded was on the top floor of the Marriott I was staying at.  The video turned out well, but the blue WiFi LED got in the shot from time to time.  1 image every 5 seconds.

I really liked the video and wanted to try more.  The next morning I got up well before the sun, turned off the LEDs and had a sunrise shot.

Both shots suffered a bit from dirty window syndrome when the sun was full, but there wasn’t much I could do about that.  I still have a lot to learn about cleaning up color settings and all that.  Still, my little Hero 3 White did an admirable job taking photos in very dark conditions.  I am going to have to take this on all my business trips and get cool travel shots.  If this keeps up the GoPro might earn its own category here at Kilted Craft Works.

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