Laundry Room Update

After moving everything back into the new laundry room I felt I had neglected a few small things.  The original light was a single bare bulb hanging from a fixture.  It worked, but didn’t provide any amazing lighting.  In comes the LEDs!  I picked up a big round LED light with diffuser cover and installed it.  Here is a before and after.

Afterwards the lighting was a lot brighter.  The top edges of the room didn’t get quite as much illumination, but walking in or working on laundry is much improved.  I had to upgrade the motion sensor switch to a mechanical relay version.  It was totally worth it the new one has a much better sensor than the old one, and you can set the leave-on time delay.

Lastly I think some zazz and sass were required.  Peeking on etsy (dangerous sight) I found this…


Ah yes, NOW the laundry room is complete.  It is a 40″ wide wall sticker and fits nicely over the washer/dryer.  Also it fits nicely with our personality.

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