Botanical Fest 2017

Spring is in full swing here, and summer is probably just around the corner.  We are already starting to see 80+ degree highs pretty regularly.  That must mean it is time to hit the garden!  We usually kick things off with a visit to the local botanical festive.  This year it was moved and by my estimate was about half the size it normally is.  Very sad.  As a result we got no herbs and still have a number of empty planters.  Still, we got a lot of good plants!

Our big backyard planters I made were looking kind of sad.  All my attempts to grow clover kind of went kaput.  Only the pink flamingos were coming in nicely.



Some native friendly variant of Mexican petunia went into the right side bed while some blanket flower and Mexican heather went in on the left.  We transplanted the flamingos so they could spread more.



Even the back door planter got in on the action.  I found a tiny lime bush and some lavender for the bees.  This one still needs some help filling out.


Out front didn’t see a lot of new flowers.  We were trying to pick up native sun happy pot friendly plants.  Not sure how successful we were, but here is some of what we got.

20170304_120749The sweet almond smells amazing and looks good in these cool new 90 degree pots we got.
There was a Florida friendly daffodil apparently and something called nemesia.  We probably need to fill out about 6-10 more pots out front for everything to look right.  Hopefully we will have another free Saturday soon to do more gardening.

Last but not least this little simpson stopper is hopefully going to grow up big and bushy to help cover up the trash cans.  Right now he is a runt, but a little water and a strong summer ought to fix that.


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