Water Meter Hive Rescue

Our local bee group got another contact about a person with bees living in their water meter housing.  In Florida they are a plastic box set into the ground with a removable lid for servicing the meter and valves.  This one had apparently been occupied for a while.


We were fighting dwindling daylight and some tricky comb.  It was quite tall and oddly shaped because of the shape of the water meter box and the piping inside.  We didn’t have time to cut the comb to size and fit it inside the frames so we just stuck it in between open frames.


Everything fit inside a single medium super nicely, minus the bits of random comb on top.  I need to come up with a technique for quickly cutting and framing the comb.  Ideas are forming and updates should be coming soon.  This one went to my bee buddy that still doesn’t have a running hive.  So far they are making themselves at home.

2 thoughts on “Water Meter Hive Rescue

  1. Yeah for you guys. I think Mother Nature is pleased that her creatures are being protected and used to benefit all of us! Thanks Chase!


  2. Don’t know if the other message got through, but this is wonderful. Mother Nature loves the bees! Congrats on this!


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