Rotisserie Grill Upgrade

I have thought about making a rotisserie upgrade for my grill for a while.  It turns out they can be had for about 80 bucks on amazon.  Thus, the webber has a shiny new spit!

DSC_0033I couldn’t find tons of info online on how to best cook with this thing so trial and error it is!  I started with two ~5.5lb birds.  Both marinated for a day and a half, one in mojo, and the other in my first batch of home-made lizano sauce.


I started the two on medium heat, closed the lid and came back 20 minutes later to check.  FIRE!!!  Yep, medium was waaaay too hot.  Lots of drippings and lots of flare ups.  I pulled it back down to low, and carried on.  The results look terrible, but actually tasted quite good.  The fire must not have been going long, and only charred the skin.


If at first you char your chicken, try try again.  I picked up another set of birds and set about doing a quick marinade.  One was a short brine session with sprigs of fresh rosemary, and the other marinated with official lizano sauce.  Instead of medium I stuck with the lowest setting throughout, and placed a cookie sheet under them to help deflect direct heat and keep drippings from flaring up.


Much better.  I was so excited to dig in and eat, that after they rested I didn’t get a picture.  The taste was awesome, the skin delightful, and the breast meat was tender and juicy.  Big Success!  The only downside is that my cookie sheet was ruined.  Next time foil sheets.

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