AC Creates Tiny Waterfall

Sunday evenings are usually a time to finish up chores, cook a nice big dinner, and enjoy the last bit of relaxing time before the work week starts.  Not this past Sunday.  The phrase “I think something is leaking in the laundry room was uttered”.  Something was leaking!  There was practically a stream of water coming out of our indoor air handler.  Some swearing happened lots of towels were pressed into service and eventually the stream was soaked up.  I am not one of those types that sees a disaster and think “I ought to pull out my phone and take a picture”, imagine this with water pouring out.


The big hole on the left had the float alarm in it, that was removed by me.  The square hole in-between that and the drain is my issue.  It looks to have been manufactured that way.  Not sure why.  Not sure what plug or cap used to be there, or where it went.  A quick trip to lowes and I was back with JB Weld’s WaterWeld.  A two part putty epoxy.  You cut and mix, and then hopefully it hardens and prevents another waterfall in my newly renovated laundry room.


Sure enough, that stuff is awesome.  I dried and cleaned everything out as much as possible, mixed it up and pressed it in.  After mixing I had a white residue left over on my fingers for over a day.  I might wear gloves next time.  An hour later it was hard enough that I had trouble marking it with a fingernail.  I reattached the flow switch alarm pipe and poured a bunch of water through the next day.  Dry as a bone!


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