Vanilla Extract – Gift Ideas

Vanilla extract is ubiquitous in baking and the good stuff is always pretty expensive.  Before I started blogging I began a batch of vanilla extract back in August.  The instructions said to let it sit for 4-6 months.  I had enough to make two batches, so one is getting popped open now for christmas gifts and the other gets to wait another month or two for maximum vanillattude.

I got all my information from Vanilla Review.  They have a good recipe and more details on vanilla beans than you shake a stick at!  The quick version is to mix 1oz of beans per 8oz of vodka.  Cut up the beans nice and small; splitting them is even better!  Put it all in a jar, and wait 4-6 months.  Shake occasionally.

While I spent maybe an hour total to start these, then bottle them, it doesn’t quite qualify as a “quick” gift idea.  Still, get them started now, bottle over the summer, and they will last forever!  A cute label helps the gift go a long ways.  Giving your baker friends vanilla extract means more cookies for you!  What a deliciously devious gift.



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