Header Explained

I am working on a logo for myself and the website.  I have it partially finished, but have had a bit of writers block.  Or graphic artist block?  I was never very good with art.  I decided to take a tack and work on a header instead.  I was thinking about incorporating this into my logo, but dropped the idea.  It is a way to create a right angle using only a straight edge and a compass.


  1. Start with a straight line and pick any point above the line
  2. Use a compass to draw a circle that goes through the line, exact diameter isn’t important
  3. Draw a line from one intersection point of the line/circle through the center of the circle
  4. Come down from that second line hitting the outside of the circle to the other intersection with the original line

BAM!  Very few tools and you have a perfect right triangle.

My work on the logo continues.  I want to take my time and get it right.  That, and I am abysmal at graphics software, so it is going to take me a while to even put what little I can imagine to digital paper.  Stay creative!

4 thoughts on “Header Explained

    • Thanks, but I am still messing with inkscape. the vector images do well for logos. It will end up being simple and cartoon like, and with vectors you can scale it to any size you want.


    • I knew you had all the CAD experience but didn’t realize you had an art degree. I thought about getting my brother in law (recent grad with a digital media degree) to do it, but eventually realized it would have to come from me.


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