Beard Oil

I have been wanting to do my own beard oil ever since I made shave oil.  I had a commercial beard oil that was pretty decent and easy to reorder.  Now, no more excuses, my store bought stuff was running out, so I bought the ingredients to make my own.

There are a million oils available that should be good for your hair and skin.  I chose argan, jojoba, and sweet almond oil because they seemed to be in a lot of the high end beard oils.  The raw ingredients are kind of pricy, but I use this stuff so slowly that this batch should last me for a year plus gifts.


The tiny bottle is sandalwood oil.  The sandalwood shave oil is awesome, so I figured I would continue the theme.  I used equal parts of each major oil as measured by weight.  50 grams of each yielded 3/4 of a cup.


I didn’t measure the essential oil by weight but rather with a shake.  I shook it for a total of 20 seconds.  The bottle gave 2 to 3 drops per second.  I am guessing 40-60 total drops for this 150g batch.  Stop to mix and smell as you go, the right amount is very subjective.


This batch was perfect for two 1 ounce droppers (gift for bearded co-workers), and a 4 ounce bottle for myself.  I have only used it for a few days, but have really enjoyed the results.  It is thicker than the other oils I have used, which means this 4 ounce bottle should last longer.

Last but not least every good product needs a fancy label.  This is no exception.


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