Bunny Fence Upgrade

Our ravenous rabbits know no bounds!  We have a baby gate we put up across the porch door to their area when the weather is nice.  The only trick is that they have taken to chewing on the fence from time to time.  It was cute at first, but they have been making headway on an escape.


I cut out all the gate material below about 15 inches to clear out the chewed spot and make way for the new barrier.


I could have upgraded to titanium coated steel mesh, but I figure they would chew through that in a few months as well.  Instead I went with thin acrylic sheeting.


Covering just the bottom half kept the cost down and I doubt they will be able to reach high enough to do significant chewing above the clear plastic line.  I attached the left piece over the outside face of the frame because there was room.  The sliding action of the gate wouldn’t allow the right piece to be attached the same way.  Instead, I used some of the remaining white gate material as a backer, and drove screws in at an angle to wedge the plastic in frame.


The Reaction

How was it received?  Pretty well I guess.  They have nosed it a few times, and tried to paw at it a bit.  Here was their first introduction.




The window is clean for now, and provides an unobstructed view of extreme cuteness.  The way these buns are, I will come out one time to find them all raiding the fridge with a 4″ perfectly circular hole cut in the plastic window.  Clever buns!


3 thoughts on “Bunny Fence Upgrade

  1. Love the photos!! Good idea to use part of the plastic work to back up the acrylic sheet! And Monica is right, one of the small buns is becoming a lop ear! Hugs to you both, Rosemary


    • It has been a while since I did this project, so I don’t remember if I already had the plastic or not. We eventually got rid of this fence because they wouldn’t cross that boundary even without the fence. You can get the material at most hardware stores. The amount needed will depend on your fence size. This piece from a local hardware store to me should cover it for less than 20 dollars. https://www.lowes.com/pd/OPTIX-28-in-x-30-in-Clear-Acrylic-Sheet/3978817 . Your milage may vary depending on what you have to work with.


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