Care and Feeding of Wooden Cutting Boards

I made a comprehensive video for the care and feeding of wooden cutting boards.

Cutting Board Types

Long grain boards have grain running parallel to the table.  They are not good for chopping but look gorgeous as a cheese board or display platter.

End grain boards have the grain running up and down with respect to the table.  They are excellent for general kitchen cutting of meats and veggies.


Long grain boards should be oiled occasionally with either mineral oil or an oil with wax.

End grain boards must be oiled regularly with mineral oil to keep the water and bacteria out.  Use a generous amount of oil flooded across the surface and let it soak in.

In both cases if water appears to be soaking into the board, it is time to oil.


Both board types can be cleaned in the same fashion.  Use hot water and soap to clean the surface as you would anything else.  Do not soak or immerse the board, and never use the dish washer.  Dry immediately after cleaning.


1 thought on “Care and Feeding of Wooden Cutting Boards

  1. Thanks Chase, I needed reminding and we need to also oil our wooden salad bowl that Mark Bonadies made for Bill, his brother, about 35 years ago!! Thanks for having Monica come visit….it was a very nice time to chat…and I loved Luke and Leaia guarding Dad! R


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