New Additions To The Family

There have been a lot of changes happening on our back porch.  Some furniture was removed and arranged to allow for a Jurassic Park style raptor fence.


Hmmm deadly raptors need a litter box and hay?  What kind of monsters are these?


Beware the two terrors of Melbourne!


Yup, we got rabbits.  They are adorable vicious killer poop machines.  Seriously how can something so small produce so many poops!?   The bun loaf on the left is Honey.  She is sweet, soft and super curious.  The lion head on the right is Tyrion (aka Mr. T, and Sir Buns-alot).  He is always chasing Honey around, and is probably about ripe for getting fixed.  Now on to gratuitous cute shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They are a hand full, and we are working to get them accommodated to the porch before we open up the escape hatch and start working on the backyard.  Until then, we can rest assured that they have 100% fluffy cottontail butts.


Seriously look at that butt.

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