Easy Faux Cedar Planter

Making cedar boxes is a great way to have a gorgeous looking planter box.  The only problem is that cedar is kind of expensive.  A 1×8 cedar board is about 2 dollars a linear foot where I am at.  Instead of doing a whole box, I just outlined a cheap plastic tub.

This ended up being cheaper and way faster to put together.  The added bonus is that I don’t have any wet dirt sitting against the cedar, and it doesn’t hold any weight.  I expect this box setup to last a lot longer than any of my other cedar planters.  Doing this with a large yet shallow box would really reap a lot of benefits.  Under-bed plastic tubs for example.  Don’t forget to drill a few holes in the plastic tub

The only drawback is that you can see a bit of the plastic where this one is sitting.  Thankfully the wildflower mix I planted a few weeks ago is starting to work some coverup magic.


For no apparent reason here is a tiny frog I found on my pepper plant a few days ago.  Hard to tell scale in this, but he/she is well under an inch long.



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