First Hive Inspection

Our hive has been with us a week and Ester appears to be going strong.  We have been nervously peeking in the front entrance and trying to count the number of pollen carriers every day after work.  We were so excited to crack it open and look inside we could hardly contain ourselves.  Once again the trusty gopro was in action taking video of our first inspection experience.

If the video didn’t give it away, we think things are going well.  There is a lot of brood being laid, honey is obviously being stocked where there was none last week, and they are expanding out to the new frames.  I couldn’t find the queen, but new brood means she must be in there somewhere.

It is a big weight off our shoulders that they are setting up shop.  Speaking of weight, I employed my new hive scale.  The brood chamber is 27 pounds right now.  I will take weight measurements every few weeks and keep a graph of the results under my bee log.  Until something major happens I will probably not post again about inspections.  No one wants to see a million videos of us gushing over insects.

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