After lots of anticipation and anxiety we finally got bees.  There aren’t many things I would gladly wake up for extra early for on a Saturday, but this is one.  We drove up to Mims FL, and picked up our nuc.  It is very strange to be handed a box that is buzzing.  When we got home two little ones had escaped.  Luckily I was able to coax them onto the box so we could go outback together and begin the unboxing.  GoPro chest cam caught some great bee action shots.  Also some singing may have occurred.

Family pictures are going to be a lot harder.  Everyone say honeeeeeeeeeeey!  Doh, one of them blinked.

wpid-20150307_090452.jpgOur hive compound has everything a bee could want.  A raised base, colorful hive, chicken feeder full of water and marbles so the girls can take a drink but not drown, and a nice table to work off of.


 We bee happy!

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