I’ve Gone Pro! (sort of)

Do you hear it?  That heavenly sound?  It is amazing!  It is the sound of awesome consumer technology and a wife that encourages me when I have neat ideas.  It is….. A GoPro!


I have enjoyed blogging with only text and a camera.  My old DSLR has served me well and will continue to.  I think it still does a great job (above pic is with phone for laziness reasons), but sometimes pictures and words aren’t enough.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is a video worth? </cliche>

After researching a bit and getting an encouraging “let’s get one!” from my wonderful wife, I decided to pickup a Hero 3 White.  It is one of their most basic models, but it has a decent suite of features, good capabilities, and is compatible with pretty much all of the add-ons.  At 200 bucks, I am forgoing a nice pice of cast iron plane goodness for it, but unlike a woodworking tool, this is something we can both probably enjoy.

I am going to spend a little time learning basic video editing so I don’t end up with videos that have tons of dead time and look like a Blair Witch editor reject.  Can you imagine how bad that footage must be?  It might be a few weeks before any video shows up, but expect cool things in the future.  Actually on second thought, the Blair Witch thing might not be so bad.  Imagine a video of me staring into the camera crying “Why do I keep getting tear out in this maple?!”  Horrifying!

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