The Final Stache Wax

My great wax experiment has finally come to an end.  No, I didn’t shave, but I did settle on a recipe.  Lucky magic batch number 7.  It was the 7th iteration of my tests.  3 parts bees wax, 1 part cocoa butter, and 1 part cocoanut oil.  For long term use I pored the melted concoction into an empty deodorant container and lip balm tube.  The deodorant one will sit in the bathroom for daily use and the lip balm ones can be carried in my pocket or left in a drawer at work.

In finishing up the pour process I accidentally knocked over one of the larger containers.  It splashed all over the glass top oven, but nearly instantly solidified.  Once it cooled a bit I pulled the sheet off whole.  I could remelt and repour into the container, but why not just save for later.  I broke the sheet up and threw the pieces in the beeswax ziplock for next time.  Handy!

Update 10/28/2018:  Not sure if I lost that broken up piece or just used it already.  I made a batch starting with 50g of wax, then doing 16g each of the butter and oil.  It filled one deodorant dispenser with a tiny bit left over.  Scale accordingly.


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